Wednesday, 19 June 2013

yEh jAwaAnI hAi dEeWani . . . .

Scene 1-When Naina decides to take a break and go for the trekking trip with all the unknown people.
# This shows that life is too short to be occupied. Decisions should be quick and should be the ones that give you "permanent happiness instead of temporary one."

Scene 2-When Naina and Bunny trekk the Boota hill knowing the rumours about it being haunted.
# This shows that live life fearlessly. There is no better feeling than overcoming your fears and cherishing the later moments.

Scene 3-When Aditi sends an emotional video message to Bunny inviting him for her marriage,considering that he wont come as he will be busy in his professional dream life.
# This shows that no matter what you do,where you work,what you have achieved,you will always be that special friend of a few people's life. Some things can never change even with time.

Scene 4-When Aditi finally notices that Bunny has come to attend her marriage and she jumps out like any random wildest frog on earth.
# This shows that some people may consider you as a major priority in your life without even letting you know. Nothing might give them happiness than just spending time with you. "Now it is upto you whether you want to understand that role of priority and carry on or just prioritize your own value and life and its goals and just neglect the happiness of others. This may give you a luxury life. But it surely wont give you comfortable life."

Scene 5-When Bunny and Avi fight on the issue of not  being in touch with each other since 8 years.
# This shows that you need to find time to speak to the people around you even in your busiest of the schedules. It may be difficult but when you look back after neglecting it,all you see is the fault of others and not yours. No one asks you to text or call at every moment. Afford one chat in a week to keep the relatioship healthy. Take interest in your friends life. Check out whats happening and if you could help him/her to make it better.

Scene 6-When Bunny's dad refuses him to go to America as he would be alone but yet he lets him go because he would be happy if his son is happy.
# This proves that parents could do anything for their children. Even though if its at the sake of their own personal happiness. Its upto us whether we understand,respect and work for our dreams and their happiness or not. They would never show the care that they have for us. We need to understand it.

Scene 7-When Bunny has to quit his dreams for his love Naina and peace and has to stay back and not go to Paris.
# Sometimes,life puts you in a situation when you are left absent minded. In such situations,always listen to what your heart says. Empty mind is a devils workship. You sometimes need to re-plan your goals and ambitions according to the situations. "Not only yours,but the happiness of the person with you also matters." This is the point we generally tend to forget as we have adapted to this selfish mentality of the mean world.

Well,the movie has many such scences which give us a lot to learn if looked upon it in that way. It is upon us how we perceive things. This is my perception. A positive one towards life.

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