Thursday, 3 January 2013

There is nothing like perfect life or ultimate happiness. But many a times, you find yourself dreaming about that unattainable bliss. Tough goal may be achievable, crazy dreams realizable but some life you desire so much, some person you love so much, is just not made for you. “Impossible is nothing” or “Nothing is impossible”, both way round, stands useless here. For some stuck in situations of life, where despite all sweet ingredients of love with someone, you are bound to have separate destinations….and the thing you at the most can consoled yourself with is — to share the journey of life with the one. Don’t know how long but the longer the better. Understood and compromised and restrained but human heart still wishes for the impossible and laments for the lost chance time again. Some songs successfully capture all such emotions in simple words.
There must be some place where you and I can be together
Where only our emotions reign supreme
Where I can see morning sun rays through your lashes and
and hear Moon’s lullabies in your arms
Where is that world – if at all it exists?